When I was a kid both of my parents were so entrenched in their personal dramas that I was exposed to relationship insecurities, low self worth…
Being single, prioritizing myself and being comfortable in aloneness was a dream but connecting and loving on someone, while receiving love, could also…
It’s been two years since I sent out a newsletter to you all. I wrote something incredible about the ups and downs of the healing journey and then I…
What is meant for you could be so much grander than the image you are currently holding for yourself but you are ignoring the process of self discovery.
This topic, like many of the others I’ve shared, is a theme that I am currently sitting in and sifting through with caution, grief and love. What’s new?
This journal is long, not as organized as I would like it to be, and a bit unended as I continue to make my way through my own processes. You could say…
Short musings by myself and others on life and love.
I know we’ve got to hustle. I know sacrifice is important to the journey. But to what extent?
We have a deep urge to search and no one knows what they are looking for. But the moment we get it, we start searching again.
Short musings by myself and others on life and love.
#thegoodlistSo I saw my favourite home organizer and joy finder, Pia @sweet_digs on Instagram sharing in her stories what she called #thegoodlist - a curati…
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