Hey I’m Tash, a Facilitator and Writer based in Toronto. Some know me as @natashalhelwig on Instagram or @broken_heals on Instagram/Twitter, other’s know me as the girl who shares a little and a lot when it comes to vulnerability, healing and my personal journey. I enjoy exploring and expressing ideas around love, freedom and aloneness and all the grey that lies in between.

Bare with Me is my attempt to expose parts of myself that I feel are relatable to many of us on this remarkable journey of life and love. The personal memoirs I share here are not only meant to help reveal and understand myself better but bring you closer to your own understanding, grace and familiarity.

It’s been an interesting journey working as a Facilitator guiding others with their healing while I too ebb and flow through life. This is why I’ve also included a section for paid subscribers entitled Dear Tash where readers can submit to me their thoughts or questions and I will provide any love and guidance that I can. If you’ve ever been interested in working with me, this is a great place to start.

My goal has always been to establish community around the tough stuff, to help people feel seen and heard, and to encourage growth wherever possible. I pray that Bare with Me becomes that space for you to know that you aren’t alone and that there is beauty in our truth and nakedness.

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Thank you so much for being here. I’m super excited to share space with you.

tash xo.

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Holding others, while being held. Memoirs + Guidance on Love, Freedom and Aloneness.


you can find me at the intersection of art, food, baggy jeans, 90s r&b and lovers rock reggae, manifestation, spirituality, healing and sisterhood. oh ya, and everyone affectionately calls me Tash.