Day 1 • Dec 7 #thegoodlist

- being able to sleep a little bit longer this morning

- him drawing on my back nightly

- taking a new Pilates class

- finalizing everything for my NY trip this weekend

- shooting my shot despite self doubt

- chatting with my mom and just listening

- choosing stillness through anxiety beating on my chest this week

- moving through this Purium detox plan I’m on with grace

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Dec 7, 2022Liked by Natasha Helwig

- Flexibility to ease into my work week after a weekend getaway

- Grace and positivity from my coworkers

-Movement, my limbs carrying me through a tough workout last night

-Finding new strategies to cope with anxious feelings

-Being aligned with kind people

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Day 1 #thegoodlist

-being able to work from home

- having a husband whose #1 priority is our little family

-supportive family and friends who support my dreams and aspirations

-having a warm home

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022Liked by Natasha Helwig


- amazing friendships with Black women who don't play 'bout me

- my eyebrow lady getting my brows all the way together

- answered prayers

- good mangos on the discount table in the produce section

-humility in opportunities presented, knowing they lead to bigger and better in the future

-belts that be snatching that waist

- getting back to my poetry

- "good body" days

- the excitement of trip planning

- fresh hair cut

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-I laughed with my nephew. We don’t get to do that ever

-My students were literally jumping for joy because they were happy to see me back at school.

-I felt so much deep love in my heart for the students just thinking about how much joy they bring me.

-I was sick and I had the privilege of laying in bed for days.

-i journaled and had an epiphany.

-Lunch with my daughter

-Flirty conversations that make me giggle with joy.

-My friend popping into town unexpectedly so we get to see each other.

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